7 Reasons Strong People Tend To Attract Difficult Relationships

People who develop mental and emotional strength usually do so because of their childhood experiences. Likewise, it’s common for people to re-create their earliest relationships out of a desire for comfort, rather than love.

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How I Overcame 43 Paralyzing Fears

You don’t slay dragons by pretending they aren’t in the cave.

Mental Parent, Emotional Child: Why Learning To Be Discerning About Your Feelings Is The Key To Peace

Without both of these aspects of you working in tandem – the emotional child exploring, feeling, experiencing and the mental parent discerning, deciding and choosing action – you become stuck.


Are You Waiting For Your Real Life To Begin?

Real life is very rarely going to match up to what I think it should all be like. Real life is hard. And real life is wonderful.


Get The F*#k Over It

The tonic for being emotionally broken is building mental strength.


Live How Other People Won’t, So You Can Live Like Other People Can’t

We make a choice to do the thing that most people won’t do, and to live the way most people won’t. So we can live the way that most people can’t.


Stop Letting Your Feelings Color Your Thoughts

Use your feelings to guide you, not govern you.


You Can’t Know You’re Right. You Can Know You’re Happy.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.


Read This If You Feel Like You Can’t Stop Creating Problems In Your Mind

Good and bad become irrelevant when the focus isn’t “what can I enjoy” but “what can I create?” Obstacles become opportunities. Life becomes an incredible journey.


103 Ways My Life Improved In 3 Years Without Alcohol

1,095 days of waking up without a hangover. I spend my Sundays reading, not recovering.


The Happiness of Excellence

Eric Greitens says that there are three primary forms of happiness: the happiness of pleasure, the happiness of grace, and the happiness of excellence.


Build Your Life Around The Things You Love Enough To Suffer For

The same as how in trying to avoid pain, you avoid pleasure, because you can’t just pick and choose what you want to feel. You’re either in or out.


6 Ways Good Intentions Can Breed Resentment

It assumes like-mindedness.


Happiness Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

So, you are like me and have made all of your life choices based on the word “should,” take the time to daily start making choices solely on your discretion. It is never too late to pursue our happiness.


On What Vulnerability Feels Like, And The Ultimate Paradox Between Wanting To Be Known And Fearing To Be Seen

Oh how we long to be known, yet are suffocated by the labels that negate us. So is the process of freedom for each other, the bravery required to remove the title and rest our need to be seen.