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By Katie Marshall

Your heart wants adventure. Your brain looks at your bank account. Your heart looks for ways to celebrate. Your brain reminds you of that diet you said you were going on as you reach for the cake. Your heart wants all the puppies. Your brain scans your one-bedroom apartment and doesn’t even apologize as it says No.

No matter which way you slice us, human beings are complex things. But amidst all of the things we can be and occasionally actually are, we are guided by two main forces: our brains and our hearts. Each has it’s own voice and deserves to be listened to, but how do they listen to each other? What does the communication between logic and impulse even look like?

The Awkward Yeti webcomic series, Heart and Brain, demonstrates what the conversation between our logical reason and delightfully impulsive desires might look like. Here are just 10 examples.

When your heart tells you to procrastinate:


Procrastination isn’t necessarily a bad thing – in fact, often, it can help us with our creative process.

When you realize reading is vivid hallucination:


One thing your mind and heart can definitely agree on.

When your brain has to teach your heart:


Our hearts are like children and our brains are like adults. They must work together, and strike an equilibrium of responsibility and love. Too much power either which way is never good.

When your brain compromises with your heart (and lets it surf Tumblr for another hour):


Almost too real.

When your heart teaches your brain to be perpetually hopeful:


Sometimes the heart is the most rational of the two (even when it seems to be the opposite).

When you’re completely off your sleep schedule, here’s what’s going on inside:


We never think of insomnia as a disconnect between mind and heart (or body and spirit) but very often, it is the result of inner discord or discomfort that’s manifesting as literal unrest.

When your heart just wants to be in awe of the world:


When your heart doesn’t need answers to know wonder and love and awe.

When you realize you never want to grow up:


Too many people think they have to choose a path (rather than find a different way that merges the two).

When your heart doesn’t want to take the (metaphorical) long way:


Aaaaand sometimes your brain really does know better after all.

When you just can’t seem to listen:


Maybe that’s what people mean when they say “the most important thing is knowing how to follow your heart.”

The Awkward Yeti web comic series started in 2012 by cartoonist Nick Seluk and includes a variety of formats and styles about science, life, psychology, social awkwardness and our inner dialogue. Comics and products are available here and the New York Times bestselling book is available here.

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