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By Brianna Wiest

In Tibet, “mantras” are something Buddhists carve into rocks as a form of meditation. The word itself means a “sacred utterance,” or a sound believed to have some psychological or spiritual power in Sanskrit. Modern-day interpretations revolve around the ideas of truth, reality, love, peace, knowledge, awakening, action, reality, and so on.  Below are a few of the classic mantras as well as mantras for each of the “chakras,” or energy centers in the body. Chant them while meditating or focusing on how the issue you’re trying to resolve is manifesting in your life. Happy healing.

OM:  The best known, universal mantra is thought to be the sound of creation. It causes energy to gather and flow, to acquaint you with your inner energetic truth and to help you accept things as they are, and become aware of unseen paths of potential.

KRIM: (“kreem”):  Stimulates your lower chakras to begin purifying your body.

SHRIM (“shreem”):  The head and third eye chant. Promotes mental/emotional/spiritual health but can also be used to fine tune your awareness toward beauty and goodness in the world.

HRIM (“hreem”):  The healing and creativity chant, also known for purifying the heart.

HUM (“hoom”):  The chant to break down negative feelings. This also incites a flow of positivity and vitality through the body, in place of said negativity.

LAM– Root Chakra. This is the chant you want to use if you feel financially insecure, if you have low self-esteem, or are struggling with any other basic, essential facts of life. It helps cleanse impurities int he root chakra by opening you up to feelings of security, prosperity and belonging, and clears energy that’s blocking flow through the other chakras.

VAM – Sacral Chakra. Your sacral chakra is your center for sexuality and creativity, so you want to use this chant if you are struggling with relationships, to let your creativity “flow,” or express yourself in a positive way.

RAM – Solar Plexus Chakra. Your solar plexus is your personal power. This is the chant you want to use if you have trouble standing up for yourself, controlling negative impulses or exercising self-control.

YAM – Heart Chakra. This is the chant you want to use if you’re having trouble opening to love. If you’re not feeling compassionate, connected or lovable, you want to open and clear your heart chakra to re-instate the flow of universal love (and whatever physical forms that love comes in.)

HAM – Throat Chakra. Your throat chakra is the center of your creative power, the control you command over your life, and your physical/spiritual voice. This is your means of communicating who you are and what you intend from yourself and from the world. When your throat chakra is closed, you find yourself frustrated and unable to express your needs and desires, and honesty is a difficult trait for you to maintain. This is the chant you want if you need to start reclaiming control of your life, and to start communicating that with more confidence to those around you.

AUM (OM): Third Eye Chakra. Your third eye chakra is at the center of your forehead, directly in line with the center of your brain. It’s particularly important for cleansing and healing of your “sixth spiritual sense” and understanding. To awaken to your intuition, greater truth, your own wisdom and power, your life purpose or passion, this is the chant you want to use.

OM or AH – Crown Chakra. Your crown chakra is your connection to the divine highest consciousness. If your crown chakra is closed, you’re probably feeling insignificant, as though life is pointless, and as though closing off from meaning altogether is easier than having to grapple with the abstract and immaterial. Chanting “om” represents opening, and “ah” represents release.

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