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I don’t know how people think souls “age,” but I’m inclined to think it’s something to do with the whole “more life in your years than years in your life” thing. Some people have just been through more. Some people are just more sensitive. For whatever reason, some people just process more (and mature faster) than others. (I’m also partial to my own spiritual belief that we live more than one life, hence how some kids are “old souls,” but that’s just me.) So here are a few things that only people who are young in body but old at heart will understand. After all: we age by experience, not by time.

1. You always wanted to be older than you were. You were desperate to be an adult even from a young age.  You never wanted to be a kid, mostly because your idea of “fun” is in being autonomous and self-realized. It sounds nuts, but it’s how you really felt.

2. It’s almost impossible to find someone who is within the age range you’re attracted to, but who is also as mature as you are. So you were either painfully single, annoyed and in turmoil because you settled, or are now just finally getting to the point where everyone’s catching up.

3. You’re intense, and you always have been. You’re more sensitive, more passionate, more determined than your peers, and growing up, this often meant that they didn’t quite know how to take you.

4. You have one person in your life that truly understands you, but few others. When you bond with people, you have ride-or-die, family-like friendships. When you don’t like someone, you disregard them entirely. Your friends are your best friends, and your enemies are basically dead to you.

5. For as connected as you feel to yourself, you sometimes feel disconnected from the world around you. The more you grow to understand yourself, the more you begin to realize that you simply don’t feel like you belong in this world… like it wasn’t quite made for you.

6.  You’re not taken seriously, only because of your age.This is simply because people focus on how immature they felt when they were younger, rather than the fact some of the greatest thinkers, philosophers, inventors and creators, from Mark Zuckerberg to Jane Austen to Marcus Aurelius to Plato to Descartes made their first major advances in their 20s or younger.

7. Compared to what your peers think is a “good time,” you’re pretty boring. You’re much more interested in nature, or reading, or spending time with a few loved ones than you are partying, or bars or anything like that.

8. You’re a healer at heart. You want to fix everyone and everything – even the things that aren’t yours to fix.

9. You most appreciate the quiet moments in life. Early mornings, cups of tea, cool fall afternoons – you’re most at peace within the simple things in life. You don’t need much to be content.

10. You’re highly intuitive.And while it’s a cool skill to have sometimes, you’d sometimes just rather not know what everyone is feeling, thinking and about to say/do. ( Scary.)

11. You’re constantly searching for the deeper meaning in everything. You were the kid that wouldn’t stop asking “why.” You want to know why things are the way they are, and what they mean, and what the purpose is. Your life seems like one long quest for these answers.

12. You think of everything as a learning or growing experience. You don’t really think of life as “good” or “bad.” You just seek the chance to grow in everything… because ultimately, the point of growth is simply being able to see the good in everything, as it is always there.

Image: Alagich Katya

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