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By Brianna Wiest
  1. Decide that, just for today, you’re going to accept your body the way it is. Just for today, you’re going to choose to love it. You’re going to let go of what it “means” to look a certain way and just simply be in it. Tell yourself you can go back to self-loathing tomorrow if so you really, really want to. But for today? Actively accept your body the way it is. Show yourself how simple that shift in mindset is.
  2. Don’t let the first thing you do when you wake up and the last thing you do before you go to bed… be work.
  3. Wear something bold. Put on bright lipstick or an outfit you think is beautiful but you haven’t had the guts to wear.
  4. Plan to go to sleep an hour earlier than usual.
  5. Feed yourself before you’re hungry. Something healthy and whole and that you actually enjoy. Eat all of your meals. Don’t operate from the “0 calorie baseline, everything else is ‘extra'” that keeps you in a perpetual state of guilt.
  6. Put a few dollars in savings. Really… just a few dollars. Save it for a coffee on a rainy day, or a new something-or-other you come across. If you can’t manage to sweep any large sum off into an extra account, start taking care of your future-self in the littlest ways you can.
  7. Remind yourself that “everybody worries about the bills.” Most of what you’re going through isn’t a reflection of your inadequacy, but the normal, human process. Everybody worries about money, no matter how much or little they have. Everybody worries about their relationships. Everybody’s run into a month where rent was tight. Everybody worries about dying alone or being worthy of love. Everybody worries about what their body looks like. (Yet we all get through it somehow.)
  8. Respect your space, and clean it up. Wash your dishes after you dirty them. Organize your clothes. Not because you need to tie yourself into more chores, but because you’re choosing to love yourself enough to take care of the little things that surround you.
  9. Simply make an intention to be conscious of your negative self-talk. Actively trying to change it often doesn’t actually work… but simply being aware of it, having a few “oh my god, I do this all the time, this is terrible!” moments, will naturally inspire you to change how you speak to yourself.
  10. Don’t do anything else while you eat your dinner. Just eat.
  11. If you’re able, choose not to engage with people who do not add anything positive to your life, and do not let them guilt you about what that intentional neglect means, simply because you’ve inadvertently pointed out something they may not want to see within themselves.
  12. Light a candle and take a hot bath and listen to music and drink hot lemon water with honey.
  13. Do something that makes you fu*&king proud. It can be as simple as finishing a project, writing a paragraph of your book, or closing the door on a relationship that causes you nothing but inner turmoil… do something that, at the end of the day, you will be able to say: that was awesome. 
  14. Pick out your clothes for tomorrow, pack your bag, set aside your lunch. Get ready for the next day ahead of you… and start today being a little kinder to yourself tomorrow, too.

Image: Jonathan Grado

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