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By Kelly Moran

Our soul mates are more than our romantic partners. They are our sisters and brothers and best friends, our moms and the teachers who inspired us. They’re the people with whom we feel completely understood, who become the family we choose and keep. Here, the 15 signs you’ve found one of them. 

1. You immediately “clicked.” You were best friends at first sight. It only took one conversation to know that you were in the company of someone who totally, mysteriously “got you.”

2. You’re comfortable enough to be silent. You can read next to each other or just stare out the window in the car. You don’t need to always be entertaining one another. You can just exist together.

3. You admire each other, and want to emulate the other’s best qualities. You’re a perfect yin and yang, and you admire in them what you yourself aren’t.

4. There’s nothing to gross or weird or otherwise embarrassing that you wouldn’t share with them. In fact, you bond over those things more than anything else.

5. You can tell them when they’re wrong. Or when they need help, or when they just need to get the hell over it. You can tough love them and they’re not offended… they take your honesty to heart, and know it’s out of a desire to love them in a way few people will.

6. You always tell it just like it is. You don’t coddle them or lie to them… and they both appreciate you and turn to you when they need honest feedback.

7. You feel like you had to have known each other before. Even if you just met, it feels like you’re picking up right where you left off. There’s no awkward “getting to know you” period… it’s as though you just already do.

8. They’re the first person (or one of) that you want to call and tell when the best and worst things happen. And, unsurprisingly, they’re also the people you want to call and tell all the stupid details of the normal days in between.

9. You can talk for hours, and when you’re together time just flies by.

10. You do everything together, and somehow never get tired of one another. Chalk it up to not having to “pretend” or exert energy hiding who you really are… but being with them fills you, it’s never an obligation or a chore.

11. You do things weirdly reminiscent of an old married couple. Bickering in public, sharing absolutely everything, rolling your eyes because they’re, once again, up to something that is “so them.”

12. You don’t absolutely need them to be there for you every second of every day, (even though they are). They don’t have to constantly prove their love for you to believe it. This is because you feel secure enough in your relationship to know that even if you can’t talk all the time, they’re always there, and even if they can’t make it to every recital and party or G-Chat conversation… it doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

13. You tell them anything and everything, things so personal you wouldn’t even imagine telling anybody else. With them, it feels second nature.

14. They feel like family, even if they technically aren’t. You’re as comfortable as you are at home with them, and you want to protect and take care of them just like you would an actual sibling.

15. You feel inextricably bound to them, and are always grateful for their presence in your life. If you were to count your “blessings,” they’re always one of them. They make you not feel so alone. They make you feel loved and understood no matter what. This is what makes them your soul mates… you feel more and more yourself whenever you’re together.

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