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By Kaitlyn Dunagan

1. Instead of “I will never be good enough,” think:
I can only do my best with what I have, in this moment and this moment alone.

2. Instead of “They will always be better than me,” think:
If I continue to focus on myself and work hard, I will reap the rewards.

3. Instead of “I am nothing without him/her,” think:
That relationship was not beneficial for my psychological or emotional well-being. We are better apart than we ever were together. I am better off without it.

4. Instead of “Why try?” think:
Why not try?

5. Instead of “I am so stupid,” think:
I may not understand everything. I may make mistakes but that does not make me or the situation irreparably broken.

6. Instead of “I am not beautiful,” think:
I will always be more than my appearance.

7. Instead of “I am not brave enough,” think:
Fear will no longer be an excuse. I will intentionally do what will contribute to my growth as an individual, even if it scares me.

8. Instead of “I need material possessions to be happy,” think:
I have all that I need. Anything I am lacking will not come from the external world but from within.

9. Instead of “I am unloved,” think:
I need to seek deeper relationships with the people that already love me. More people does not mean more love.

10. Instead of “My past is too rough,” think:
My past is no longer a part of me. I need to forgive myself and that is when I will be able to move forward.

11. Instead of “I am not emotionally strong enough,” think:
I can handle more than I give myself credit for and when I feel overwhelmed, I will not give up. I will take a break or ask someone for help but I will not give up.

12. Instead of “I am not physically strong enough,” think:
If I want to get physically stronger, I will take the necessary steps to do so. If I am healthy and happy with my body, I do not need to fit a certain body type to be worthy of someone’s admiration.

13. Instead of “What will they think if I fail?” think:
I should focus on the task at hand. If I fail, I fail. What matters most is what I learn from my failure, not what other people will think of it.

14. Instead of What will they think if I do not behave the way they want me to?” think:
I am my own person with my own thoughts and my own path. I can be considerate but I will ultimately do what is best for me.

15. Instead of “I cannot grow as a person where I am at right now,” think:
I may not always be able to change my environment but I can always change the way I think about my environment.

16. Instead of “I am too old,” think:
Age is but a number. I still have a contribution to make to the world. I have experience, I have wisdom, I have time.

17. Instead of “I am too young,” think:
Age is but a number. My fresh ideas coupled with tried and true methods can make a difference in the world around me. I can make a difference.

18. Instead of “They did not mean it when they complimented me,” think:
I am worthy of the compliments I am given.

19. Instead of “I feel dirty because I like sex,” think:
Participating in a sexual act with another consenting adult will never make me impure or ruined. I am not an object, I am a person.

20. Instead of “I feel like a prude (or I am not interested in sex) and I feel embarrassed about it,” think:
If I am not interested in having sex at this moment in time (or ever), I will be confident in my decision. I believe it is what is best for me. I am not broken.

21. Instead of “This is too hard,” think:
I will choose to pursue a mixture of productivity and rest but never idleness.

22. Instead of “I am not important enough,” think:
I have an intrinsic value that cannot be taken from me. I matter and will always matter.

23. Instead of “I was wrong and I am embarrassed,” think:
Everyone will be wrong, everyone will fail. It’s something we all have in common.

24. Instead of “I will take the easier path,” think:
I will not settle. I will be open to change, to taking paths I had not previously considered, but not if it is because I believe I am below achieving something else.

25. Instead of “I should stop caring,” think:
My efforts to love others may never be fully appreciated. I will love anyway.

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