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By Brianna Wiest

Your body remembers everything. Everything that’s happened to you is still with you, even though you are conscious of only a small fraction of it.

We need to regularly clear our consciousness: release what’s suppressed, and re-fill it with vision and intent. Doing this is not easy, but it is simple. This 30 day cleanse will help you identify and release issues that are lingering just beneath your awareness, and start to re-create your life in the direction you want:

Every day: 

  1. Drink tons of water.
  2. Sweat either by working out, sitting in a sauna, or taking a hot bath.
  3. Junk journal.

Day One: Begin “junk journaling.”

Buy a new spiral notebook specifically for this exercise. Once a day for the rest of the 30 days, take time to “junk journal.” This means that you will sit down in a comfortable space, and let your stream of consciousness write. If you don’t know what to say, just write whatever thoughts come to your mind, even if they are scary or random or painful. If you let yourself get into “flow,” you will eventually start naturally releasing old beliefs and emotions that you have kept suppressed.

Day Two: Throw out 100 things.

Go around your room, apartment or home, and find 100 things to throw out. This is not actually as crazy as it sounds (anything from an old envelope to a broken pen can count). Search your drawers and cabinets, anywhere you may be storing excess stuff. The point is to declutter your space by starting with the simplest items: ones that serve no purpose and you can easily remove.

Day Three: Make amends.

If you have an apology you need to extend, call or send someone a message and do it. If you don’t, then just send an honest and loving message to someone who means a lot to you, but whom you maybe don’t express your appreciation for enough.

Day Four: Try a subconscious clearing meditation.

Use one of these guided meditations to help you clear subconscious biases, negativity, etc.

Day Five: Practice cord-cutting.

“Cord cutting” is a spiritual practice of releasing and removing cord connections that different people, experiences and beliefs have to you. Every time people project energy toward you, or you have a tense relationship with someone, or you have a painful experience that you can’t seem to let go of, it’s probably because they have created a cord to your energy. (You can identify these issues by the “random” fears and anxieties that pop up in your head most often.) Invite Archangel Michael (protector) in to help you. Try the following meditation:

Day Six: Teach yourself to cook a healthy meal that you love.

Eating one healthy meal for the day will not be enough to create lasting change. Instead, look up a recipe and teach yourself to cook something that you can make regularly.

Day Seven: Donate clothes you have negative associations with.

Clothes have more subconscious energy in them than almost anything else (surprising, right?) First, if you haven’t worn it in at least one year, toss it. Next, if it’s something you had a bad experience in (therefore don’t like wearing it) or it’s something you feel bad about yourself when you wear (it doesn’t fit well) release it.

Day Eight: Streamline or automate something in your life.

Do you have a bill or two that aren’t set up on auto pay? Do that today. Do you always forget to order new contacts? Sign up for a subscription service, like Hubble. (Not sponsored!) Do you have to do social media for your job? Pre-schedule your posts. Lay out your outfits for the next week, or meal prep.

Day Nine: Write down all of your fears, rational or not.

Even if it’s scary to look at initially, when you see them on paper, you will probably realize that most of them are solvable or just plain silly. Come back and look at these fears in a few days, you’ll probably find them even more insane. For the fears that are not irrational: write down a “plan.” A multiple step plan of what you would do if it were to come to pass.

Day Ten: Take a salt bath, and do an oil pull.

Salt baths are known for being spiritually cleansing (as much as they are physical) and oil pulling (swishing coconut oil around your mouth for about 20 minutes) cleanses your mouth.

Day Eleven: Free dance.

When you’re by yourself, put on some of your favorite music, and let yourself move freely. It may take you a few tries to really be able to let go, but once you do you will be able to release a lot of energy, and also release “control.”

Day Twelve: Let yourself shake to release energy.

Shaking is an important way that humans and animals release energy (babies do it after a trauma, so do animals after a confrontation). However, we are taught to be still, and not move in accordance with how our bodies feel called to. Sit in a lotus position, and let yourself feel the natural rhythm your body wants to shift you in (this could be a gentle rocking movement). Focus on what you want to release, and then shake your arms and legs until your body is moving itself.

Day Thirteen: Draw pictures of your dream life.

If the majority of your awareness is focused on what you don’t want, and what you don’t like, you are setting yourself up to align with only experiencing more and more of that. Instead, start to imagine the opposite of your fears. You need to be more conscious of what you do want than what you don’t. Drawing is a powerful way to focus your energy on what you want your life to look like.

Day Fourteen: Say thank you.

Focus on gratitude today. Focus on everything you do have more than you focus on what you don’t. Make a list of 10 things you are truly, honestly grateful for (an income, a car, a good friend, etc.)

Day Fifteen: Reflect.

Be honest with yourself: what is still holding you back from manifesting the dreams that you’ve outlined, and stepping into the person that you know you want and need to be? What have you been able to let go of so far? Giving yourself credit for what you have accomplished will give you the motivation and encouragement to keep going.

Day Sixteen: Face a fear.

Pick one of the fears or “blocks” that’s keeping you from creating the life you want, and confront it directly today.

Day Seventeen: Begin reciting “I am” prayers.

“I am” is known for being the most powerful prayer in the Universe, because it places you in the vibration of what you want, rather than saying “I want to be,” which places you in the vibration of not having. So decide what you want, and come up with “I am” prayers you can recite like mantras. For example: “I am healed. I am whole. I have love. I am so happy.”

Day Eighteen: Practice coming back to neutral.

You will probably find that when you’re in an emotional funk, trying to force positivity on yourself aggressively backfires and makes you even more upset. That’s because you can’t go from a low vibration to a high one without coming back to neutral first. Today, don’t try to be happy, try to come back to neutral every time you feel yourself getting pulled by anxiety.

Day Nineteen: Go to a bookstore, and sit down with a book that calls to you.

It can be a fiction book, a self-help book – whatever. Reading is very important for expanding your consciousness, but it shouldn’t be boring. You are not “meant” to read anything that doesn’t interest you.

Day Twenty: Write down what you most love about other people, and what you most hate about other people.

What you love in them is what you love about yourself. What you hate in them is what you cannot see in yourself.

Day Twenty One: Write an apology letter to yourself.

Apologize for everything you feel guilty for, everything you wish you did better, all of the unnecessary stress and struggle you’ve put yourself through. Write a response letter and forgive yourself.

Day Twenty Two: Write a letter to your fears.

Speak to them like you would a child. Have compassion, and then offer rational, reasonable solutions and promise your fears that you will do everything you can to take care of them and that they do not need to be freaking out.

Day Twenty Three: Open up to someone you trust.

Tell them the truth about yourself. Tell them what your true fears are, what you struggle with most each day. Having someone else witness and accept these things about you will free you, and show you that you are no less worthy because you struggle in (normal, human) ways.

Day Twenty Four: Think about what you learned from the most traumatic experiences of your life.

You need to transform the past experiences that have caused you so much pain into something that consciously benefits you. The great thing is that you can do this with absolutely everything that happens to you – because there is something to learn from anything.

Day Twenty Five: Have a “joy day.”

Plan a day full of things that bring you the most joy. Either wait for a day when you aren’t working, or learn to start integrating joy into your everyday life right away. Light candles, make a fancy dinner, take yourself window shopping, sit in a coffee shop, go outside, make plans with friends, read your favorite book – whatever makes you truly happy and fulfilled.

Day Twenty Six: Say no, and don’t say sorry.

You have to be selective about what you allow into your consciousness. Don’t spend time with people who drain you, don’t do things that are unnecessary stressors (other than work and basic hygiene and the like). Learn to draw lines, and respect them, out of respect for yourself.

Day Twenty Seven: Schedule your energy.

Your time is not what’s limited each day, it’s your energy (anybody can find time for the things they really want to accomplish). Wake up a little bit earlier and write, meditate, or re-construct your morning routine to ensure that you are doing the most vital tasks of the day when your energy is clearest. Give your best energy to the things you desire.

Day Twenty Eight: Record your own guided meditation.

Record yourself on your phone (and add music, if you can) guiding yourself to heal and release exactly what you think your main blocks are. There is nothing more powerful than you guiding yourself.

Day Twenty Nine: Review your junk journal entries over the past month.

What patterns do you see yourself breaking? What are issues that are still coming up in your consciousness? What have you totally overcome? What have you learned about yourself?

Day Thirty: Celebrate being at least 1% better than you were.

You don’t need to be healed and whole and completely better right now. To move your life forward, you only need to be a little bit better each day. You will never “make it” in the sense that there will always be something to work on (this is good, if there were nothing to evolve, you’d be dead). Celebrate your progress, that’s all that we will really have in life.

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