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By Kelly Reynolds

Do you know how many conveniences you take for granted?

Were you able to wake up and check the weather on your smartphone? Choose clothes at your discretion? Turn the heat up or down based on your temporary desire? Take a shower with warm water? Know where your next meal is coming from?

How often do you actually have to worry about whether or not you can afford something essential? Did you purchase Starbucks today without thinking twice about it? Was your subway ride an unchecked expense as far as $2.50 in your bank account is concerned? Did you have to stop yourself from doing any one small thing because you weren’t able? Being able to mindlessly purchase anything is a privilege.

How many people reach out to you throughout the day? How many people smiled at you on your way to your desk? Asked how your morning was? Who of your friends messaged you or tagged you in a post or gave you a call? These people are your tribe, even if you don’t see them everyday, or even if they’re nothing more than acquaintances.

Do you have work to complain about? Do you have a means of working for an income? Are you paying your bills, are you supporting yourself? Are you buying yourself any non-necessities? When was the last time you took yourself out for dinner, or spent a night relaxing? These are luxuries, too.

Did you choose your clothes from a closet of options this morning? Did you have shoes to wear that kept your feet warm and dry? Do you have a coat if you need it? Do you buy your clothes for fashion or for function?

Do you have a pet who is excited to see you when you walk in the door? A mom who wishes you’d call more? A job that pays your bills? Food to eat tonight? One really good friend? Someone to call if you’re upset? Plans for next weekend? These things are not little things, they are everything. People show you how much you’re loved constantly… you only need to pay attention.

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