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By Brianna Wiest

Some people argue that what we call “fate” is really just the manifestation of our unconscious desires; that there is nothing happening to us that cannot be traced to a source of energy within us. The point? To recognize what is in us, and to transmute that energy into an experience for our highest good, and the good of those around us.

But the problem with clearing your subconscious is just that: you’re not always aware of it. And when you are, what do you do with a lingering trauma, pain or fear? The answer isn’t easy, but it is simple (people usually confuse the two).

We must bring our hidden aspects to light. When we see them, feel them, and recognize them, an incredible thing happens: they no longer control us. It is as though the work is just shining a light in the closet and realizing there were never any monsters inside. It was always only us.

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