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By Robin Austin Reed

The teacher is writing with her back turned, you hear occasional screeches of the chalk skipping on the blackboard as your head snaps forward to make sure she’s not captured your maneuvering.  You’ve fixed your eyes on the cute number two seats behind you, they’ve raised their brow at you, even blown you off a bit to indicate disinterest but you know differently.  You won’t be dissuaded.  Your intentions are clear and there’s no stopping that heartbeat of synchronicity.

Ah young love. The pen is drawn, forward you push past all resistance to spill your heart onto this piece of paper to unveil your affections for the cutest person that God had the goodness to grace the planet just for you.  You absolutely must level the playing field and see if she returns your undying zest.

The Love Note is born!

In a world of digital wander land, where we all interact at lightning speeds on micro bits of imperfect data with cheap winks and likes, we’re drowning in the nothingness of obscurity, longing for a genuine expression rich with its own originality.  The preciousness of the love note was traded in for emoticons and witty combinations of characters that symbolize sideways happy faces.

Let the love note return to us with a power we’ve never known. Here are the top five ways to write a powerful love note that will raise eyebrows, leave lasting impressions and catapult you to new heights of romance and relationships gorgeousness:

1. Don’t hold back. Go all in and say something original.

Anything….original. (and authentic)  Forget what you hear in movies, but definitely use the heart behind it. Every person wants originality and it doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact, sometimes a little awkwardness can be charming.

2. Think about a subject of interest: what do you hope to achieve?  How do you want them to feel?

Good conversation and connections are birthed in the foundations of thinking about your listener first and tailoring your words that will be received favorably. If your intention is clear, your words will most likely come naturally, even if you don’t consider yourself an “expert communicator.”

3. Surrender all expectations, let go, throw in the towel and slowly dangle the carrot of love.

People have a high BS sensor and social media has exemplified their abilities to congregate and share stories. So before you throw out a “cool pick up line” designed to impress, go ahead and make the assumption they’ve already heard it and if they haven’t, a friend certainly has and they’ll talk about it over their weekly apple martinis.

4. Break the pattern, their neurological linguistic programming.

Everyone you meet has a script or pattern running on auto-pilot and they come to you pre-loaded with certain judgments, opinions and preferences. Breaking this pattern is a way of gently moving your listener to a new space where authenticity can flourish in an environment of trust. Humor is a great way of breaking that pattern which is where the expression “crack a smile” came from.

5. It’s not about you.

The purpose of the love note is to leave a lasting impression. If you’ve never seen a person swoon – that’s right, I’m talking gush with starry eyes with heart skipping a beat – you’re missing out. People won’t always admit it, but they ALL want to be genuinely charmed.

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