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By Nikita Mor

Empaths are sensitive people who are highly attuned to energetic shifts and exchanges in their environments. They are driven to achieve their fullest potential through an innate desire to help humanity. Following are some of the ways that empaths hinder their own personal growth, and the possible solutions to assist them.

1. They don’t cultivate strong boundaries.

They have an inherent urge to help others and heal the world. They are believers in the power of love over hate, and compassion over cruelty. They put others first and ignore their own needs, and as a result are taken advantage of due to their selfless and kind-hearted natures. They are often pulled into co-dependent, abusive relationships and end up being used by narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths.

2. They do not realize that the best way that they can actually help others is through self-mastery.

They try to help by fixing or changing people or their environments, completely losing themselves in the process. Empaths must learn to lead by example. They must inculcate inner strength in order to give hope. They must work towards self-love in order to inspire others. They must learn to face the internal battles of loneliness, anxiety and chaos in order to be truly free and independent. They must maximize their creative potential in order to help others find meaning.

3. They don’t identify what authentic spirituality is.

Spirituality has originated from Eastern Philosophy and today it encompasses a broad range of feel-good pseudo-scientific concepts designed for commercial purposes. It satisfies the needs of egotism, escapist tendencies, insecurity and complexes. Empaths should exercise discretion and skepticism while understanding what is really means to be a spiritual person. True spirituality is about self-love and self-improvement. It is about being in harmony with the purpose of your higher consciousness. It does not stem from fantastical and delusional notions, which could breed narcissistic tendencies.

4. They forget their true purpose.

Humans that are not blinded into callousness and indifference by the illusion of materialist and consumerist lifestyles, realize that deeper meaning and fulfillment can only be truly gained by minimalistic and simplistic living. Empaths must learn to differentiate between the superficiality of immediate gratification of needs and desires, and strive towards authenticity and deeper meaning. They must dedicate to working towards their full potential in order to experience true fulfillment.

5. They forget that the greatest gift humans possess is emotional intelligence.

Empaths are in touch with their intuitiveness but often mistake vulnerability and emotionality as being weak. They shut down or react strongly when faced with the intensity of their emotions and are unable to handle the depths of their psyche. Immature Empaths are like raw nerves exposed to every vibrational disturbance in their environment. They try to protect themselves by suppressing or denying their emotions, which creates stores of unresolved trauma and emotional damage in their unconsciousness. This manifests in their consciousness through unhealthy and toxic behaviors because of weak coping mechanisms.

6. They try to “correct” their emotions.

Much like an infant needs to be taught how to handle emotions, the inner child within us also needs to be pacified. Empaths must realize that their hypersensitivity is not a weakness but actually their biggest strength. The best way to transform an emotion is to become conscious of it. Being aware transmutes an emotion such that it changes and dissolves into the space of nothingness. Paying attention and practicing mindfulness by observing without evaluating and judging is what can truly liberate empaths from the vicious cycle of action and reaction.

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