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By Jennifer Hyland

By all outside standards, successful people are boring as hell. That’s the one secret that nobody tells you to really making it: you have to be disciplined, routine, and prolific. These are not easy traits to hone.
Successful people – or, people who are living a life in accordance with their desires and beliefs – are mindful about their time. They spend it wisely and waste it infrequently.

We hear about all of this and then some when we read about their daily habits and coping mechanisms and dreams. Yet, what we rarely hear is how they spend their downtime, what they enjoy, what they fill their weekends with (other than work).

We know that a happy life is a balance to strike, so here are TK things successful people do differently out-of-office:

1. They don’t break their sleep schedule.

They can’t afford to spend two days of the week feeling off while they get off-track. Further, they don’t only keep themselves in prime health for their job, they want to be rested and well for their personal experiences as well.

2. They choose hobbies that are intrinsically rewarding.

They do things that are energizing, not draining. Things that they enjoy doing more than they enjoy how it makes them look for doing it.

3. They spend time outside.

The mind on nature is a miraculous thing. In July of last year, Stanford University released research that found being outside reduced the sort of obsessive, negative thoughts that characterize depression, among other things.

4. They read for fun.

It is because they are inherently interested in something that they learn the most. They do not force themselves to engage with a topic that is not fascinating to them on its own. They know it’s a dead end regardless.

5. They are mindful about who and where they spend their time.

If you become the sum of the five people you spend the most time with, you probably also adjust to the “vibe” of the five places you spend the most time in.

6. They limit their vices.

It’s not that they don’t have them, only that they don’t live just to indulge. It is a crucial part of self-control that lets them lead with logic, not impulse.

7. They do not consider “drinking” or “shopping” to be activities.

They do not see drinking as a hobby, rather something you can do while you are seeing friends, watching a show, and so on. They do not socialize shopping, either, simply because doing so creates an unnecessary obsession with feeling “lack.” (When you’re constantly seeking “more,” you’re repeatedly reinforcing the idea that what you have isn’t enough.)

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