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By Chelsea Thomas

You may have heard of Kevin Kantor, recently from your usual Tumblr scroll or from this Buzzfeed article, where his award-winning Spoken Word Poem, “People You May Know,” as well as an interview with the college student, poet, and aspiring actor was showcased. This poem is incredible, and most certainly worth watching.

However, Kevin has another poem that I just can’t get over. “A Letter From Cancer” is easily one of the creepiest, most haunting, most magnificent art pieces I have ever seen. I watch it like I would “The Shining” film or truly terrible Law & Order: SVU episode: with my eyes closed and my body covered in goosebumps.

In the first seconds of the performance, you see Kevin, a presumably lovely and approachable human being, transform into a villain. My heart starts pounding as soon as he looks down, then looks up into the camera: “Dear… lover.”

This piece is surprising and dark. I will warn you now that no happy ending is found here. If you have been touched by anything close to cancer or someone you love battling an illness, I caution you to be careful before watching. However, if you do choose to watch it, because, like me, you just have to know, watch this as though it is the villain’s final speech before being vanquished by a hero.

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