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By Brianna Wiest

Words have power, because words are energy. One mom set out to prove that to her kids in the simplest way possible: by doing the “apple experiment,” or showing them what effect their words would have on a rotting apple.

You may be familiar with the Emoto water experiment, in which Dr. Masaru Emoto showed how words change the molecular structure of water (“happiness” created a beautiful crystal form; “I hate you” created a sickled, diseased looking cell).

That’s why Danielle LaPorte decided to conduct her own experiment, but without the microscopes. For 10 days, she and her kids said positive words to one half of an apple, and negative words to another. You can see that both look decayed, but one is significantly worse than the other.

“We did it again!  Pictured: Day 10 of saying positive words to one “good” apple and criticizing the other “bad” apple (two halves of the same apple). The typical result: the apple that we talk nasty smack to rots waaay faster than the apple we encourage and love up,” she wrote on her Instagram post. “Best thing about this is that my kid’s buddies noticed this in the kitchen and were hella impressed. “Whoa! That WORKS!” Ya dudes, WORDS ARE ENERGY.”

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