By Matt Hearnden

Procrastination is a disease. A dis-ease. It is what happens when you are not at ease with yourself, when you’re not in the flow of your life.

But it is important.

Sometimes people say to me “procrastination! That’s a big word!”Perhaps if they stopped procrastinating and read a book then they wouldn’t say that. I also don’t think it’s a big word. “Love” is a big word.

Anyway, the question:

We all want to stop procrastinating, and we blame everything else but ourselves for it. It’s not the Internet’s fault that you can’t focus. It’s not my fault that you’re scared. It’s nobody else’s problem that when you were 5 there was a word you couldn’t read and you felt embarrassed and that’s how you live your entire life now.

Whether or not you’re going to get up and live the life you want to live is never going to be a matter of whether or not you can perform like a robot. If the world you want to exist in is one where you are a task-master, someone who is only oriented toward goals, you will never live at all.

And what’s even more miraculous is that you won’t let yourself. You’ll become exhausted. You’ll get distracted. You’ll see that sometimes, in the dis-ease of procrastination, we find what we are looking for.

Procrastinate. Do it. Let yourself be dis-eased. Disappear for a moment. Play, laugh, read, indulge.

In the moment of disappearance, you’ll want to be seen. In the dis-ease, you’ll want to be whole. In the playing, you’ll come alive, in the laughing, you’ll be at ease, in the reading, you’ll discover something new, in the indulgence, you’ll live a little.

I found out that I loved writing because I procrastinated.

I was reading all sorts of blog posts and articles and bullshit about being an entrepreneur, being a life coach, life lessons, whatever. And then I thought “these aren’t even good. I think I can do better.” Maybe I did and maybe I didn’t. But I enjoy it.

Maybe procrastination is your brain or your gut or your heart’s way of telling you to listen. To stop trying to force everything. To stop doing what you “should” do. Maybe procrastination is begging you to wake up. Maybe it’s there so you can work out what it’s for. Maybe it’s something to love.

Maybe the real you doesn’t know how to talk to you and so it does this.

Yes, this.

As in – reading a post like this.

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