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By Brianna Wiest

If you are regularly anxious about things that you know are irrational, it could be because you’re not leaving yourself enough mental bandwidth to determine what’s true or false.

Automatic Believing” is a psychological phenomenon in which people immediately believe what they experience (what they see and hear) and then go on to interpret whether or not it is true or false, good or bad, etc. over time. This means that the more distracted someone is, the more likely they will believe false information.

Your mind is not a limited thing, but your energy is. The capacity you have for thinking, feeling, absorbing and exerting effort each day is finite, which is why many experts recommend doing the most important tasks of the day first thing in the morning. It’s also why anxiety tends to compound upon itself: without the energy to keep thwarting negative thoughts, one falls victim to believing them.

Narcissists and other manipulative individuals (people who consciously mean you harm for their own gain) use this to their victims’ advantage. The manipulative individual will overwhelm their victim with information or stimuli to exhaust them, and then try to convince them of something that they want them to believe.

Sometimes this comes across as that person arguing a point that doesn’t make sense until the other person is too tired to keep trying, or talking in circles to confuse them. Other times, it will unfold over time, as they break their victims down and feed them ideas that benefit them.

Make sure that you approach ideas and beliefs with a clear mind, and that you don’t let anybody influence you to think a certain way when you’re not in your right state of mind. Give yourself enough space to think and sort through important things over time. Your future self will thank you.

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