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By Colleen George

Mind over matter? Matter over mind? Head or heart? This disconnect between the heart and the brain tends to cause discomfort and distress to those of us who suffer from anxiety. When we face these contradictory signals from our minds and hearts, the nature of making decisions or choosing how to progress forward becomes more challenging. Sometimes our soul craves something, but our logic declines these cravings. Our brain tells us that logically we cannot follow these cravings. And while we read all sorts of inspirational quotes about “following our hearts,” and “listening to our heart’s desires,” sometimes these messages can further heighten our anxiety. These one sided pieces of advice misguide us into believing that our “wants” are more important than the rational influences these behaviors may have on our lives.

This is why we must form a moral compass – a compass that guides us through a lives that meet all of our needs in the healthiest and most soul nourishing sort of way. This moral compass must be created through the balancing of our logical, cognitive beliefs, as well as our desires and heartfelt passions. The creation of this compass will rely on our brain to act as a checks and balances system, to oversee our desires and passions. This compass will listen to our values and our urges, our instinctual feelings, but will simultaneously allow our brains to keep us rooted in the real world. To live your life to the fullest and to be the best and most capable version of yourself, your moral compass will guide you in making decisions that are best suited to your needs. Living your most fulfilling life will involve embracing your instincts, values, and passions, while also bringing your brain along on the journey.

This is not to say that reality should ever trump creativity. Suppressing creativity and wonder will only worsen anxiety, as creativity is what makes this world beautiful and magnificent. So on your journey, please remember to pay attention to what it is in this vast world that invigorates your soul: because this takes the highest priority in directing your compass. When you listen carefully and calmly to your intuitions, when you drown the world out, you will find out what it is that you need from this world to thrive…to live a life of extravagance and wonder. Once your intuitions have initially guided your compass, be cautious and hesitant. Be aware of your surroundings. Be aware that this is not a fantasy world where consequences are not real. Let your brain oversee your heart such that you have a say in the consequences of your actions and beliefs. But come to an agreement with your brain that it will be gentle on you. Before you finalize a path based solely on your intuitions, allow your brain to fulfill these hopes and dreams by providing ways to incorporate your desires into the real world, in a way that is genuinely possible.

If your anxiety is still overwhelming, this signals a disconnect between your heart and brain. Reevaluate the situation, and reset your compass again to find this delicate balance between your body, mind, and soul. Remember to ask yourself: what is it that you want, and how do you get there in your current environment? You are intelligent and strong. Find a way to follow your both your passions and cognitions to find the path that is best for you. Things often have a way of working out when you find stability and balance in your guiding compass.

When your heart and head reach the desired balance, you have reached the highest form of self-empowerment. You are ready to be launched forward into your better life. This new life is your own masterpiece; a life of your own design and creation. You will know you are living your best life when your anxiety has been eased, and when you feel peace within your heart and soul.

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