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By Brianna Wiest

Meditation is important. Whether you practice traditional zen focus, reflection, or simply getting into “flow” doing something you’re passionate about, there’s not really a “right” way to do it – it’s just important that you do. The benefits of meditation are nearly endless, and it’s more or less an essential part of building the life you want – so it’s important to learn and share new techniques.

Something I have been doing for a while (without realizing) is what I now call “drop breath meditation.” I only started to pick up on it while reflecting on how exactly I self-regulate. Here’s what to do:

Begin a breath as normal, and then release.

When you get to the bottom of your breath – when you’re out of air – just linger there for a moment.

Do not press, force or push your body into remaining there. Simply allow it.

When your body is ready, it will gently initiate the next breath on its own.

Let it.

Continue doing this and bit by bit, you’ll realize that you’re able to very deeply release tension – and increasingly so, with every breath.

The important thing to remember here is that you cannot force yourself to remain without breath. What you are actually doing – without realizing – is releasing the last bits of your breath that you usually don’t, as most people revert to “chest-based breathing” as opposed to “gut-based breathing.”

You can do this no matter where you are, and I hope that you do.

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