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By Samantha Reid

Emotional intelligence may seem like the buzzphrase of the last five years, but the concepts involved are, quite literally, as old as mankind. It is only because of advancements in both neurology and psychology that we’re better able to understand what makes for a “good life.”

Essentially, to effectively make decisions – which is the foundation of well-being – we must be able to balance both logic and reason. When we are indecisive or in emotional turmoil, it’s usually because we’re either choosing too heavily from one side or the other. We feel incapable of striking the necessary balance to effectively choose for ourselves, and so we become fearful, helpless and suppressive.

The following animation illustrates this with depth, precision and clarity. It is a great go-to for those wanting to better understand how to make their minds and hearts function in unison. Take a look:

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