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By Brianna Wiest

A lot of people chalk the zodiac up to pseudoscience (I’m more of a nurture > nature person myself) but we are interconnected with the world around us and beyond us in ways we can’t see and don’t realize. Just as we know the moon has a certain degree of impact on our health (such as regulating menstrual cycles or full moons inciting a higher number of ER visits, etc.) we can extend that idea out to the planets beyond it.

If nothing else, many people report feeling intense and unexplainable emotional reactions that happen to correlate with major celestial events. You usually hear this in the context of retrogrades, and all the horror stories that come with them. Right now, we’re in a particularly intense Venus retrograde. Venus rules love and balance, so you’re probably getting a crash course on emotional balance and your love life.

But here’s the really important thing that most people don’t understand: A retrograde does not create “bad luck” or problems in your life. It simply brings to your attention issues that have been lingering beneath the surface. During a Venus retrograde, for example, the quality of your relationships will be tested. You will be forced to recognize what’s wrong, but you will also begin to realize what’s working, and what’s right.

So if you’re sitting there wondering if every time a planet stations itself, your life is going to be subject to uncontrolled stressors, the answer is: yes and no. The point of retrogrades (like all energy) is to move you closer to yourself. These events act as a magnifier, clearing out what’s holding you back and helping you recognize where you’re doing well.

So if you’ve been feeling super emotional over the past few weeks, or anytime a celestial event occurs, trust that it is just the Universe’s way of helping you release dormant energy that has been holding you back.

It’s also important to take into account what works in your favor during a retrograde vs. what doesn’t. The point of this – like everything else – is just to help move you along.

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