By Nikita Mor

I was raised in a ‘spiritual’ and liberal family in India, free from the restricting barriers of conventional religion. My maternal grandparents were proponents of ancient Hinduism, my paternal grandparents were Buddhists, and my mother swore by New-age spirituality. Eastern philosophy was my baby cereal.

At the age of twelve, my goal in life was to become a ‘enlightened’ person rather than being materially successful like the rest of my friends. I desperately wanted to reach this resting place of peace, this halo of happiness, this haven of sanctity. I worked on personal growth everyday, trying to better myself to be kinder, more empathetic.

Needless to say, the real world is a difficult place for someone who is too nice. I made excuses for people, rationalized bad behavior, and put up with emotional and verbal abuse. I wanted to see the best in people, I thought I was being positive. I didn’t realize that I was in denial of the dark side of human nature.

Personal growth is absolutely beneficial. It gives you tremendous self-awareness, which inculcates your sense of self-worth, boosts your self-esteem, and supports healthy boundaries. It creates the foundation for building strong values such as moral integrity, emotional stability, and mental resilience. It helps you get in touch with your authentic self, your insecurities and weakness, your own shadow side.

I believe wholeheartedly in committing yourself to being a conscious human being, but personal growth can be harmful and self-destructive if you think that it ends somewhere. Your goal becomes a place rather than a process, and you lose the joy of the journey by focusing on the destination. When you stop accepting who you are, you start projecting onto who you should become, which restricts your growth. When you start understanding who you are, you begin transforming into your best possible version and most authentic self, rather than changing into someone you are not.

As proved by the scientific theory of fractal evolution, individual units evolve over time to become more than the sum of the whole. The sum of the parts are more than the whole. Growth never ends. It is forever and everlasting. You are expanding your consciousness, and contributing to the collective consciousness, and the universe is also growing with you on and on into infinity.

You can only be better and better, because we are all functioning at different levels of enough. You will never be perfect, you will never be the best, and you will never be enough, because you are already worthy.

You are a creative, evolving, constantly changing, mystical organism belonging to this magical universe. So do enlightenment for you in this present moment. There is nowhere to reach, so you might as well sit, kick back, and enjoy the ride. Cheers to personal growth for the sake of personal growth.

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