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By Jess Bernat

Everything ends eventually.

Those three words mean more to me than most. They put life into perspective. They are the most true, the most inevitable, the most driving forces of our reality, and yet nobody stops to think about them. Nobody knows how to accept that ultimately, we’re just playing within nothingness.

Everything ends eventually. Let that seep through you.

Let it put life into perspective and cause you to think through your every action and thought and intention.

Relationships, lives, jobs, wishes, plans. You don’t really have a hold on them, no matter how much you think you do. Some endings are more shocking than others, but none of them should be. Everything ends. We never know when.

It’s what we do with the pieces left from loss that matter.

When a romantic relationship ends, where does the person still feeling it put all the love they still have?  Destruction, mutual or otherwise, rarely provides closure. When the structures dissipate, something more remains. This is true of these relationships, but also humans in general.

Once you really comprehend that you will one day cease to exist, you’ll be more grounded, grateful and acutely aware of your every moment. Your thoughts will become as full and positive as you can manage to create them, because you never know when your last laugh, look or moment will be. When you know it’s going to happen eventually, you start the reverse-morning process. You start getting sad for the things that aren’t yet gone. You start looking at your life as though it’s already a memory, one you just want to replay. In that desire, you find joy.

Everything disappears eventually – from either your mind or reality.  Acceptance is a huge component in being happy. Everything you desire is not always meant to be. And even when it is, it can only last a moment.

Image: Roma Karasyov

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