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By Samantha Reid

Happiness is not as much of a mystery as we like to pretend it is. Years of theory and research have shown us that it’s basically in our hands (or rather, our heads): happiness is what we focus on, how we choose to think and how much we understand. It’s not a matter of how perfect our circumstances are, but how much willpower we have to more or less train our brains.

If you were wondering what history says happiness consists of, The School of Life summed it up in 60 short seconds. Essentially, feeling good consists of being realistic, not expecting much, being empathetic and understanding, thinking of death often, laughing at yourself, being honest, and so on.

It’s incredibly brief (and at some points, almost too real) but ultimately, happiness is being more realistic than it is lost in a more comforting daydream. Watch the video here:

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