By Avery Gaines

To be your truest self you must distance yourself from what you know. No, you don’t have to seclude yourself in the mountains or drop everything and move to a new city to make this work. You just have to peruse other paths in your life and realize that maybe what you knew once before so well was actually toxic to your growth. When we get comfortable with our lives the world around us closes up a bit and we get tunnel vision. Blocking our sight from all the other opportunities that are around us.

To reach your full potential, one does not have to erase their past memories and start fresh with new friends completely. Just slowly try to dim the lights on what you know best so a spotlight can shine upon new experiences you were once scared of before. When you meet new people or experience a new place there is a shift in our demeanor and a sudden change in the way we see the world. New friends will appreciate your hobbies and support your dreams the way old friends do not. You may go to college or work in a new city and discover that you like tea instead of coffee better because of the way a new cafe you found makes it. You push yourself in different ways because there are different influences around you that are not stale with history.

To uncover a new form of our soul we must step outside what we know best. It doesn’t have to be a life altering change or facing our biggest fear, it just has to be a small shift in the way we live. Nothing has ever been found when walking upon the paved path, all treasures are stumbled upon when a brave adventurer decides to wander where no one else has. Humans are creatures of habit so yes doing what is different makes us uncomfortable, but it’s impossible to grow if we stay within our caged spaces and don’t take the risk to leave.

The change must be mental and physical. You can’t move somewhere new and still have the mindset to stay the same. Just as you cannot decide to change your ways of thinking, but decide to keep hanging with others who bring negativity to your life. A change is the whole bodies effort. It seems like an impossible feat sometimes, but to be the person your younger self would be proud to see it takes effort. It takes time and it takes perseverance. As humans we must push ourselves away from the cycle the way our life spins or we will never see how the world revolves around us when we aren’t paying attention. If you wish to seek a life of difference you must first change the scenery around you.

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