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By Samantha Reid

Everything is energy.

This idea is a pillar of both scientific understanding and spirituality. Though the tenets aren’t always agreed upon, more common ground is being unveiled. Simply: we’re learning that we, like plants and animals, can actually share and be influenced by one another’s energy

When we talk about the “vibes” we get from someone, we’re talking about the energy they are emitting. Our everyday language insinuates that we aren’t the first to understand this. The phrase “they were beside themselves” comes from people stepping away from their energy and shutting down. The concept of having someone in a “mental grasp” is an actual transfer of energy wherein they are almost sucked into focus.

A lot of what we understand to be mental and emotional responsiveness is physical in origin. Check out the diagram below to see what your energy field does when you have a strong emotional response. May it shed light on the importance of staying “centered” and “grounded,” and of course… respecting your nature.


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