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By Avery Gaines

There are times in our lives where we are stuck, stuck in between where we were and where we are going.  Right before a transition in life there is the slum that is known as the “middle.”  This uncharted are has a bad connotation for sucking people in and never letting them out, but this is our own problem.  In life we are constantly presented with opportunities, whether it be moving to a new city, getting a new job, starting a new relationship or any other life-altering position that we are presented with.  In between the time of us getting the news and going forward with this is the middle land.

The middle aspects of our life have such bad connotations of them being boring or useless.  These times in our life where we seem to be in a stand still looking back on our life and waiting to move forward seem to be the ones that get the least amount of credit.  The times in our life where we are in limbo will be the molding and creating aspects of our existence. This is when we get to know who we are from the inside out.  We spend nights staying up late thinking about our future decisions and where our life is going, we spend hours working and taking over double shifts for some more money and we spend a lot more time with people we usually wouldn’t.  Our molds soften and new ones are rebuilt.  The middle rut has broken through your walls and cracked open a new human who is going to walk out different then before…only if you strive forward though.  The lulled parts of our life will be the one where we learn, teach and complete many achievements, but it will also be the point in many people’s lives where the give up and stop.  In the middle, stopping is the worst thing you can do.

In the middle land there are all different walks of life. There are the ones who will strive day in and day out in order to survive, there are the people who just go with the flow, and there are the ones that seem to be gifted with luck and those who are not. When we reach the middle, which we all will one day, we all are equals.  The middle sees everyone the same.  You have to work your way out of the middle, there is no easy way out.  It will be stressful, sleepless nights and uncountable breakdowns.

There are plateaus in life just as there are the bottoms of the valleys and the peaks of the mountains.  Plateaus are constantly over looked though because many think there is nothing special about them.  Little do they know that this is where true transformation happens. Let these moments change you, let them form and mold you.  Let these boring and stand still moments define you and adapt to them.  So then when you depart to the higher grounds you have a story to tell.  A new life to live.  A new start.  The middle can be the most important placement in your life if you open yourself up to it.

Image: Raymond Sam

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