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By Chelsea Prentice

Somewhere on the inside, on some primitive level, it’s all about being selfish. We all crave wildly to be happy in whatever way it is that brings us joy. For some, it brings us total and complete joy to help others, to give all of our love away because we receive so much of a happy feeling in return, we feel we’ve done so much good that it can’t possibly be wrong in every aspect, and those are probably the best of the human race. And for others, being the stereotypical definition of selfish is what brings us joy; acquiring things or friends or knowledge that betters ourselves or presents the version of ourselves to society that we want the public to see. For others, it’s even more complicated. We fight constantly internally to find a balance or a middle ground; somewhere that we can feed off of others when we want to and stay recluse when we need a recharge. It’s not the same for anyone, nor is it always the same for someone.

People shift and evolve and others influence us and events happen that change our direction all the time. Often subconscious decisions are made and just as often conscious decisions which force us to let down our guard and navigate through unchartered territory, to seek something more important and bigger than ourselves. Which then helps with our perspective. We see the world for how large it really is, the universe for its total enveloping expansiveness that can’t possibly be fully comprehended by the human mind. We’re reminded not to forget the size and depth of the ocean because when standing next to it we are just. So. Small.

But small is good, small is where we fight to grow larger. Small is a starting point, a solid one, and one which allows for immense possibility. We need only to remind ourselves that there is no one reason we’re here. There is no pleasing one person or thing or ideal, there is everything. There is literally everything you allow your imagination to float into your brain and wind up and spring out for you to make this life meaningful. There are little things and big things. There is exploration and discovery. There is charity. There is business and acquisition of material things. There is dedication; to a trade, person, friend, cause. There is so much that you can’t fit it all into one day or year or even lifetime of one individual. Which is why there are so many of us and why we were made to extend into future generations and learn from our past. There is not one reason, there are many reasons, an unfathomable amount of reasons as to why we’re here.

Why set a limit?

Image: Jay Mantri

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