By Vanessa Pareja

“Do you know who you are without me?” – Peaceful Warrior

For us humans, it appears that having an identity and story is vital for survival. We wake up each day and continue where we left off. We call this story our life and this identity as “me.” We don’t give up our stories when we sleep.

But what if the stories we carry with us are causing us pain, anxiety, shame? And not just ourselves, we may have been inflicting others of pain as well. Then why would we still hold on to it?

What if one day you could wake up and just stop being who you are? What if you could wake up to the familiar surroundings and things without the labels, judgments and memory you have attached to it? What if you can just look at a thing and see it as it is, to just be present with it. What if you can just live one moment at a time, aware of just being alive? What if life is not what we presumed it to be? What if life is really benevolent, abundant and free?

What if you could perform a task without being attached to the results but just being present with the act? What if it’s okay to not know how tomorrow would be? Like a child.

What if this is our destiny as a species? The next stage in the evolutionary process. And that the future of humanity lies in its freedom to choose how its own consciousness will unfold. What if you can make that choice now? After all you are not really losing your life, just your perception of it. What is perception anyway? Can you prove that your perception is what really is? But you know that you are self-aware. You know you have free will. Therefore you can choose to remain asleep or to awaken and to be conscious every moment of your life.

How different would life be then?

Image: Carl Lovén 

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