By Matt Hearnden

You can do anything your heart desires!

You can do anything you set your mind to!

You can do anything you want to do!


And I’ll prove it.

That thing you want.

Desire it with your whole heart. Set your mind only on that. Want it more than you’ve ever wanted anything.


Do you have it?

Do you have that thing you desired with your whole heart? Do you have that thing you set your mind to? Do you have that thing you’ve ever wanted more than anything?

No. You don’t.

Because all you did was desire it, and set your mind on it, and want it more than you’ve ever wanted anything.

That’s not enough.

Even desiring it more than anyone’s ever desired it, even setting your mind on it more intensely than anyone ever has, even wanting it more than anyone’s ever wanted anything… these things aren’t enough.

Imagine walking out of your house and seeing a lion.

You’d probably be scared. And rightly so.


You could have the most amount of fear possible, the most amount of fear that anybody has had about anything, ever… and you’d still be mauled to death.


You didn’t run.

If you didn’t move.

If you didn’t act.

Having any amount of fear would never be enough to save you.

Only taking action would save you.


That thing that your heart desires, that thing you’ve set your mind on, that thing you want more than you’ve wanted anything… how much action are you taking towards it? Are you taking small action or big action? Are you giving your all or are you holding back?

Are your actions in harmony with how much you want this?

I hated some of my 9-5 jobs.

I wanted to work for myself more than I wanted anything.

Do you know what actions I took?

I complained to my parents. I took small actions here and there. I watched a lot of TV.

How much do you think those actions helped me?

How much do you think they held me back?

I wanted it so much. So intensely. More than I’d ever wanted anything.

And that alone helped me to get nowhere.

It was only when I realised that wanting it more than I’d ever wanted anything wasn’t enough, and hadn’t been enough, and would never be enough… it was only then that I started to take action.

I stopped complaining and started working. I stopped taking small actions and started taking actions that mattered. I stopped watching TV and started reading, and doing research, and learning.

That was when my life started to change. That was when I realised I could change my life.

You don’t get it by wanting it.

You get it by getting it.

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