There will always be something to worry about.

You’ll pay off your debt and then take on some more. Your student loans payments will turn into a mortgage will turn into bills for the kids will turn into life insurance and new car payments. You’ll save your money for “someday” and then someday will come and you’ll have to save it up again.

Today you worry about being single, or getting the job, tomorrow you’ll worry about keeping your relationship, or not getting fired.

You’ll look back and wish you were as “fat” as the first time you thought you were “fat,” because you still think you’re unattractive, but now it feels even more legitimate than it did then.

There will always be uncertainty. There will always be the unknown. Things exist in equal proportion: good and bad. We justify worrying and dwelling on the negative by believing that it’s how we get through it.

That is not how we get through it – that is how we get lost in it.

The truth is that we find it noble, or safe, or desirable to suffer, and then to point at ourselves shouting: “look how deep and thoroughly evolved I am!” Look how challenging my life is, look how often I have to say it’s “hard.”

But I’ve never heard a truly successful person say that it was hard… people usually only say that when they know they’re not doing as well as they could be. And maybe worrying less, and doing more, and thinking less, and being more, is the way that we all need to be doing better too.

Maybe all our worrying is just trying to tell us: you will not worry your way into a better life. You will not be as happy as you’ve suffered. You are no more accomplished for having been through a lot.

You’re as happy as you feel happy. You’re as accomplished as you’ve been accomplished. Your life is as successful as you decide it is.

But right now? All you’ve decided is that it’s something to worry about.

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