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By Nikita Mor

Your inspiration calls out to you, through the art that touches you, the words you read, the places you visit, and the strangers you meet. It shows up at the most unexpected of places, connecting you to the people that remind you of all the things that you could be. It reveals the power of magic and miracles, and turns you into a believer by moving you in a way nothing else has before. It shows you the light at the end of the tunnel, and motivates you to shine like a thousand suns. It is that first glimmer of hope, the spark that has the potential to set your soul on fire.

Your future calls out to you, tossing breadcrumbs through signs, symbols and synchronicities that connect a trail of dotted patterns from the past to the present. It tells you secrets only you can understand, because you are unique to your own purpose. It scatters clues in snippets of conversations, strange things you glimpse, and events you witness, which could predict your future and explain the reasons for your past, if you pay close attention. It hopes that you will play the game, as you scramble and unscramble yourself to crack the codes of the grand plan the universe has for you. It trusts that you will find the treasures buried deep within you, and hopes that you will trust it too.

Your soul calls out to you, through what makes your heart skip a beat, your thoughts race a mile a minute, and your skin crawl like a million moving atoms. It is found in those stories that make your cells come alive and dance, your imagination run untamed, and your hands move with a purpose that you are quickly unraveling. It will dare you to create something bigger, better and more beautiful than yourself, just like it created you. It will push you to dig deeper and discover what ignites the inner child hidden deep in your consciousness.   

Your love calls out to you, a fellow traveller, going towards the same destination. It gives you a chance to live the life you dreamed of, if only you open your heart to it. It hopes that you recognize it, and don’t push it away. It waits as you meet all the wrong people before you are ready. It inspires you to believe that you shouldn’t settle for less than what you truly deserving of. It shows you that you are the only one who can complete yourself. It offers you a hand of companionship as a playmate through the exciting adventure of life, hoping that you will take it.

Your life purpose calls out to you, first as a distant echo of curiosity, and then as a life-changing event that throws your sense of conditioned order into chaos. It starts out with a whisper and ends with a big bang. It teaches you to be comfortable with uncertainty and unpredictability. It helps you to overcome your fear of death so that you can let go of what holds you back, and propel forward with faith in the power of your limitless imagination. It reminds you that the universe is not conspiring against you, but conspiring with you to conjure up and solve the great mysteries of the world.

Your destiny calls out to you again and again, it presents you with opportunities to grow as bright as the sun and stars, and as big as an infinite galaxy. It brings out the wanderlust in your soul, pushing you to explore and adventure between the fine lines of light and shadow, joy and grief, the past and future. It inspires you to transcend the boundaries of space and time, as you traverse parallel universes seeking your personal truth. It shows you that you are never alone by creating a space for communion with a universal natural intelligence, only hoping that you choose to listen and speak to it.