By Stevie Wilson

If love moves mountains, it’s because love is more than attraction. Love is not the fateful sunshine that appeared for your camping trip. Love is the one with the well-stocked backpack. Love can move mountains because love is willing to work.

Love is willing to check the weather forecast before arrival, and to pack accordingly or stop by the general store to get necessary equipment. Love is willing to don long underwear and thick socks, even though they don’t match, even though they don’t look sexy, because love knows that without warmth, she’ll freeze. And looking cool isn’t worth dying in the mountains.

Love feels every hard footstep in the hike and keeps going. Love is willing to ask for a three minute break when she can’t catch her breath, even though you reached the top forever ago. Love thanks you for waiting, but does not apologize for taking a little bit longer to get there. Love is not proud, except for when she is proud of you for making oatmeal out of breakfast bars and hot water; for setting up the tent in the dark and the rain; for taking the time out of your schedule to get back to nature at all. For making the brave choice to be yourself. Love is proud, but only of you.

Love is persistent. She transforms into an amazon queen in training as she builds a fire for you. She traverses the campsite for burnable sticks and logs, even though it rained the night before and she knows it will smoke. Love is on a solo mission, because she can be stubborn, but also because she knows you need your alone time. See, love gives when she can, even when she won’t get credit. Love lives in the small moments. Love is the smoke from the fire that sticks with you. Gasses expand to the container they are in, and she expands in you, however much of you that you are willing to open to her.

Love lives in the silence created by the deep breath in and out before responding to a potentially instigating comment of yours. She speaks slower than you’re used to, says less than you thought she might. Her words are careful and her questions are often loaded. Love is patient, especially when you’re both hungry and looking for a place to eat. She skinned her knees on the climb through the briar patch, but she isn’t complaining. Love knows that to climb a mountain, you have to honest. You have to see beyond yourself to the horizon. Love moves mountains by moving you, in the small and big ways. Love creates change by living in you. By humbling you. By quieting you. Love gets work done and goes to work until it is done. Love doesn’t quit. Love doesn’t apologize unless necessary. Love is moving and sitting at the same time because sitting still is just another kind of moving.

When love says she could watch you smile for hours, you believe her. So when she says she can move mountains, believer her, too.

Image: Jay Mantri

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