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By Sarah DiPinto

Who are you if not for your mind?

We define ourselves by all of these cerebral things: artists, entrepreneurs, writers, salespeople. But in the end – and perhaps, at our end – we could very well be stripped of these things. The question is: what is left of us, then?


Memory of a Faded Mind is a documentary in which one daughter explores her mother’s declining health and mental stability. In the short feature, she gives the world a peak at who her mother used to be: a beautiful, smart, witty Englishwoman, and then who her mother became in the aftermath of her illness.

“No one should ever forget what wonderful woman Joy was,” she explains, and reminds us all – even in our sharpest years – all that will be left of us is how we made others feel. That is our legacy. And we are creating it now.

Joy from Objekt Films on Vimeo.

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