By Brianna Wiest

Usually, when we have a hard time accepting ourselves, it’s because we have an idea in our heads about what it’s “okay” to be. Another way to put this is: we want to be “normal,” which is just code for wanting to be accepted, which is code for our survival instincts being like “ah please don’t let us die because you’re not part of the tribe!”

Because this is the case, our construct of “normal” usually errs more toward what we regard as “ideal” as opposed to “universal.” When we feel most “unaccepted” is when we most want to be “superior.” It’s like our version of guaranteeing our spot for survival.

The truth is that we are all the same, even if we hide parts of ourselves or think differently than others, what we perceive others to be is a projection of who and how we are. It’s not a matter of how “alike” we seem to be, but how much we accept ourselves inherently (and how much we can extend that acceptance to other people as well.)

Long story short, we’re all f*#king weirdos. Don’t worry so much.

Image: Davide Ragusa

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