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By Matt Hearnden

“How do I get inspired when nothing inspires me?”

I was asked that earlier.


How entitled can you get?

But it meant something to me because I’ve been there.

I’ve been bored. I’ve been worried that I’ll never have any more ideas. I’ve been afraid that inspiration isn’t up to me.

I even wrote a post about hitting a plateau and I liked it but after I posted it I thought “what the fuck am I supposed to write about now?”

Being inspired is a choice.

For example.

On my desk right now is the remote controller for the TV.

I could think “that’s boring.”

How useful would that be? How uninspirational am I being? Where does that get me?

Not very useful. Totally uninspirational. It gets me to less than nowhere because at least there’s every possibility in a nowhere.

So, I could think like that.


I could think with inspiration.

The remote controller for the TV is a tool for me to be enthralled and entertained and learn things because it let me turn on the TV and watch my favourite shows.

What’s one of my favourite shows? House of Cards.

I know there’s at least one more season of House of Cards yet to be released.

I could write my own episode. I could write my own last season of House of Cards. I could write alternate endings.

That’d be fun.

What might be even more fun is to write my own TV show.

What might be EVEN MORE fun is to write my own TV show and act it out with my friends and put it on YouTube. Or Instagram. Or Snapchat, seeing as that’s where the attention is now (follow me for Six Snap Stories: matt_hearnden).


We went from looking at a remote controller to making our own TV show.

Never tell me you can’t get be bothered to get inspired. Well, ok, you can. I like getting emails and tweets and messages. But you know what I’ll say so you could spend that time creating.

When are you going to admit that being inspired is a choice?

When are you going to stop thinking that things and people exist just so you might, maybe, if you’re lucky, get inspired?

When are you going to start taking responsibility for your own inspiration?

If nothing inspires you then what you’re entitled to is to not be inspired.

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