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By Briana Bell

Some say that if you are not always willing to accept something or like something instantly and immediately without thought or contemplation about it, that you are “picky.” How has being “picky” led itself to being coined as a negative term? Maybe when we hit the egocentric and consumeristic era where taking was seen as better than giving, being picky stuck as a term of not taking advantage of everything that is in front of you. Being picky was seen as being foolish not to take full advantage of materialistic and consumeristic value. What a pity.

It’s a product of a consumer-driven society; overloading yourself to ensure that you are an opportunist in every situation. This completely alters our “balance” and leads to adapt a mindset of scarcity. There is plenty out here for everyone — but our minds would tell us otherwise.

By readily accepting everything, we can also poison ourselves. You can take on too much, like too much school work, or jobs, food, or fickle friends. It could be anything.

By not paying attention to what you are actively putting in your life, you could easily live a life of misery and unhappiness. There is no rule that you have to accept everything that comes your way. So clean out your closet of empty skeletons, friends, clothes, and useless items. All they are doing is taking up space from the true you; blocking you from the light and your most authentic, and true self — filled with bliss and balance.

Think of this — you are traveling on a journey to the unknown to find yourself. You decide to take all the necessary items that you “cannot live without.” So, you bring your cell phone, purse, pillows, sheets, toiletries, and may other things like childhood memories, and all pairs of your shoes. You also drag along your old friends, your old habits, your old life. You are now so heavily burdened that you can barely walk, only covering a mile every several hours.

Is this the way you want to set off on your journey?

I wouldn’t think so.

In order to move faster, lighter and free you must abandon all that you think that you need and all that you think that you are. This is the first step to reaching your true self. It starts without accepting everything that comes to you— but using your discretion and being “picky” about what and whom you let into your life. This will drastically improve the clarity in your life.

By shedding the excess, you find your true self.

By shedding the excess, you begin to live, see, do, and be more than you ever have before.

Follow and listen to your internal guide. For it will not falter in it’s direction. You will begin to only accept what matters most in life to you, and not any thing willy nilly that decided to show up at your front door.

Be conscious of what you are letting in.

Be decisive of what you let go.

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