By Tracy W. Abel

Consider more sleep. Eight hours is okay. More is better, personally. Consider that people weave in and out of your life – it’s part of growing up, in the least cliché way possible. Not fitting into the relationships with people you once were so comfortable in is integral to your own growth. Consider buying a pretty dress and wearing it the second the mail comes – then go on date with yourself. Get a glass of wine, a burger, and enjoy.

Consider the fact that being single all through university is the best thing that could have happened to you. The best has yet to show up on your path, but remember, the path is the goal. Consider the path you’ve currently taken; the choices you’ve made that have led you here. Rejoice. For this is exactly where you need to be. Consider that perhaps backpacking alone is really the right move. It’s you, babe. You are all you will ever need.

Consider that your mother always tried her best. She did the most with what she could, with what she had, mentally, physically, emotionally, materially. Consider that life was hard, is hard, and everyone is walking around in a shell that houses scary, beautiful, haunting, and magnificent things that no one in that shell could ever run away from, despite adversity to it.

So we all struggle and we all try our best. Especially mum. Consider the Lobster. Just kidding. But really – read more. Read the work of dead people and consider what it means to be human; what it means to have existed, to have felt the inner workings of one’s own being so strongly, to have lived through the human condition. Consider delving into what the “human condition” even means.

Consider eating bread for the sake of the warmth and softness on your tongue that is flour and yeast when beaten into submission; it then rises from its’ own undoing. “Breaking bread” is sacred among almost all religions – find the beauty and the meaning among it. Consider that, yes, carbs and gluten and grain are in the making of the thing, but, for once, just once, let the senses be present. Consider what it means to be in the moment. What does that truly mean to you? Then breathe. Always breathe.

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