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Success Is The Sum Total Of A Life Well-Lived

Success is best defined by longevity. It’s not winning a certain job or earning a certain dollar amount. It’s the culmination of a life well lived; a life that when taken as a whole, leads to a prosperous ending.


Reading, Reflecting, Experimentation: Why Using 3 Hours Of Your Week For Each Will Transform Your Life

“Books are my pass to personal freedom. — Oprah Winfrey.”


Simplicity The Hardest, But Most Effective, Thing You Can Do For Your Life

Simplicity isn’t easy.


20 Questions: Chandresh Bhardwaj

What does it mean to live a good life? “To love and forgive unconditionally.”


Memory Of A Faded Mind: The Documentary About Who We Are When Our Minds Are No More

All that will be left of us is how we made others feel. That is our legacy. And we are creating it now.


A Feeling Better Than Beautiful

It’s easy to confuse beauty for happiness. What do we say when something is particularly awe-inspiring, or meaningful? We say it’s beautiful.


Thoughts Are Just Suggestions: How To See Differently When You Start Running Out Of Hope

Your mind is an over-worked auto-suggestion machine.


Don’t Live For The Moment. Live For The Legacy.

It is small, even undetectable, habits that accumulate and create the quality and legacy of our lives.


20 Questions: Tara Mackey

“Don’t give up. Obstacles and problems are just unsolved lessons in your life. You’re whole and healing. You are enough.”


Avoiding Negativity Will Not Make You More Positive

Inner peace is not the insistence that you can’t tolerate “negative” people, places or situations, it is having the ability to cope with them.

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It’s Not About Who Wants It The Most – It’s About Who Is Willing To Work The Most

It was only when I realised that wanting it more than I’d ever wanted anything wasn’t enough, and hadn’t been enough, and would never be enough… it was only then that I started to take action.


Channeling Your Addictions Could Be The Key To Creating The Life You Want

Let your creative addictions and obsessions heal you.


25 Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self Today

You are meant to make mistakes, but you are also meant to learn from them.


How To Stop Being Addicted To Your Problems

You have to make sure you’re more in love with your life than you are with your problems.

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You Don’t Control The Outcomes Of Your Life, Principles Do

Small things become big things, always.