By Samantha Reid

Stoicism. Nihilism. Capitalism. Feminism. Some of these words you hear often, some of them you use regularly, and others you left in your 11th grade history class. Why do they matter? Because understanding the patterns and philosophies of the systems around you make you better equipped to function within them. Because if we don’t want to repeat the past, we have to understand it.

The reality is that philosophy can apply to your own life, and in fact, when it’s most effective, it does just that: it gives people a map of their problems, and pathways to solutions. Sometimes even just knowing that there is such a term for the belief that reality is fundamentally based on, and shaped by, ideas and mental experience, rather than material forces (idealism) is comforting in itself. Check out the posters (or, in our case, images) below to acquaint yourself with a gorgeous combination of minimalist design and straightforward philosophy:

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Images: Studio Carreras

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