By Jocelyn Schwalm

I don’t think there is a lonelier day of the week than Sunday, and loneliness (at least in my case) always calls for self-reflection. Sundays are arguably the most introspective day of the week and that tends to lead to feeling and soul searching;  a time for the weeks rejected thoughts to camp out like an unwanted guest in the mind.

They hang there until there is no other choice but to acknowledge them, because on Sundays there are no other distractions, the self is in plain view. The week’s pain comes to a forefront and it demands to be felt, how pain so often does. Sundays offer a deeper look into the soul than any other day; the day gives time to acknowledge passing feelings and what they mean. This day can be a search for what is right in your life, what to chase or pursue and also what to rid of in your life, the toxic elements and people.

Often for me, Sundays are categorized with walking on the edge of the all-encompassing hole that exists within the soul. With every ounce of pain felt the effort not to fall in becomes more and more of a burden.  It is so easy to get sucked into the loneliness of the day and succumb to the sadness or anxiety that comes with falling into this hole. On Sundays it is with mindfulness and soul searching that this can be avoided. The day forces us to acknowledge the parts of ourselves that we put so much effort into avoiding, for we have no other choice but to face ourselves. It is a day for tears and the familiar feel of hopelessness.

The day demands us to consider the thoughts that we have sorted in our mind as too scary or too much work to process. Sundays are important for shaping our reality, to look at important changes that need to be made in our lives. The day can be full of memories and longing, sometimes it forces us to feel the pain of missing someone, to sit with that pain and to feel it in its entirety. The day causes reflection and within that reflection provides the tools necessary to heal the soul. Sundays allow a certain vulnerability that isn’t usually felt other days of the week.

The day brings with it a melancholic feeling that not only reflects the ending of the week, but could also be reminiscent of so many other endings in life. Sunday is a day for appreciation for all things beautiful, the rain and the lush green in the spring, the happiness of reconnecting with an old friend or the text from a loved one.

It is a day for understanding, to be able to open up to someone and feel utterly understood, to remember that we aren’t as alone as we think we are all the time.  It is with this understanding that brings contentment to the soul like nothing else ever could. Sundays allow for us to chase whatever it is that makes our soul smile, and then relish in it.

The day opens us up to really be able to fill ourselves up with the little things that bring peace and contentment. Above all, Sundays are for love, for recognizing that we are in love, understanding love from a different angle after a painful experience or finally coming to the realization that the path to self-love isn’t always as long or as grueling as we once thought.

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