By Brianna Wiest

An often overlooked aspect of the dyadic nature of the universe is that most stars are not solitary, they have “companions.” Separate but equal opposing stars existing in proportion at all times. The two are attracted by a strong gravitational force but are kept from collapsing into each other by an opposing centrifugal force. The dance of desire and opposition keeps them alive.

Our hearts and lungs exist in halves. Our lives are split by light and dark: day and night, love and fear. We have sets of hands and pairs of feet, butterfly wings and flower petals and the eyes you’re using to read this are opposing replicas of one another.

Whether we’re born in duality with another human body, or simply, the gravity of those stars exists between our minds and spirits, these forces affect even unconscious beams of light in the sky. Self-sustaining ones keep them apart and alive.

Remember that the next time you feel as though you’re the one holding yourself back. You were born from waves and falters. You’re alive because you’ve been unsure. You’re designed to be terrified of the things you want most. You are not exempt from the Universe. The war the stars exist within created you, too.

Image: Luis Argerich

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