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By Samantha Reid

Linguistic researchers have recently used words to discover our inherent connection. By studying all of the languages in the world (back as far as about 10,000 years ago) they found that every culture has a word for the sun, but some of those words have alternate meanings. “Fire” will also mean “passion,” “heat,” “light,” battle,” and “anger.” This is to say, different languages all organize the world in the same way.

Different languages organize the world the same way.

What this means is that the human brain has a standard way of assigning certain words (usually to do with nature, or other people). This shared linguistic structure suggests that some relationships are universal, and without the implementation of words or languages to communicate what we see, we’d all experience it the same way.

For example, we all perceive how the word fire would also mean passion or light, but we wouldn’t shift the word for “night” to the word for “fire.” They are separate experiences, and it seems the human brain inherently knows that. Check out the video below for more:

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