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The Secret To Transforming Anxiety Is Telling Yourself You Want To Have It

What happens when you think: “I do not want this feeling?” You are thinking about the feeling. You are creating the experience you claim to not want.


7 Ways Subconscious Expectations Are Ruining Your Life

You subscribe to the millennial success standard, which is the “one in a million success story.”


When Silence Becomes Muteness: How Coping Mechanisms Can Accidentally Make Us Less Human

Sometimes silence becomes muteness, looking away blindness, not listening deafness, anything taken to the extreme becomes a disorder or disability.


Here’s To The Broken-Hearted Survivor

isn’t it funny that no matter how much you’ve hurt and how often it had cut you like a knife, you were still crying your heart out? As if it was the first time you let someone go, or the first time you felt like there’s no tomorrow.


Why Self-Awareness Is The Most Crucial Career Skill You Can Have

I saw so many examples of that in my job. People who would complain that they didn’t enjoy their job, and that nothing was changing, or that everything around them was changing except their own situation.


Relaxation Isn’t The Answer: 4 Ways To Actually Destress Your Life For Good

Relaxation doesn’t cure stress in the same way that pleasure does not cure pain.


The Truth About Being Overly-Ambitious

Perhaps if our ambition was to be as grounded, as peaceful, as happy, as kind, as thoughtful, as aware as possible, we’d live different lives.


Make Good Art

If not for love, any other sane person would just give up. But if you know what you came here to do, you will love it enough to persevere and do it.


5 Reasons Why The Corporate World Needs Free Spirits

Free Spirits are masters at bringing their passion to everyday life, finding meaning in everyday tasks – and there is nothing more desperately needed in the working world.


A “Leader” Is Not The Only Noble Thing There Is To Be

We’re high on the idea of being a “leader,” as though rising to some god-like state of creative entrepreneurship will make us happy – being minimal, focused, hyper-productive, “big vision” people – as opposed to diving into the nitty gritty of what we’re actually called to.