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From Philosophy To Sports To “Lord Of The Rings,” Here Are The Top 10 Videos To Watch When You Need Motivation

Flip the Script – 2014 USMNT Knockout Round.

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What ‘Enlightened’ People Are Trying To Teach Us – And Why We Can’t Stand Them

Everybody is seeking enlightenment. They just may have other names for it. Everybody skims articles on self-improvement, studies successful people, buys self-help books. Whether it be via Oprah, Soul Cycle, NYU, or Jesus, the emphasis is on making oneself better.

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The Cognitive Stress Of “Choice Making,” And Why It’s A Modern Phenomena

Because we all want to make the “right” decision. We’re trained to think there is a “right” decision to make, though we don’t really know. For all we know, we’re making the “right” choice that serves someone else, or keeps us farther from our intended goal so consumerism thrives and fear prevails.


A “Leader” Is Not The Only Noble Thing There Is To Be

We’re high on the idea of being a “leader,” as though rising to some god-like state of creative entrepreneurship will make us happy – being minimal, focused, hyper-productive, “big vision” people – as opposed to diving into the nitty gritty of what we’re actually called to.


Even Independent Souls Feel Lonely Sometimes

It’s in learning to tend to our own souls when we’re lonely that we learn to tend to others’, and it is learning to tend to others’ that we learn what it means to love.

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12 Paradoxical Truths About Happiness

Doing what you’re afraid to do will get you exactly where you want to be. It’s a process of unlearning that brings you closest to who you are, but you must learn how to unlearn.


20 Questions: Tyler Knott Gregson

The most liberating thought I think I’ve ever had, is that I never have to impress a single living soul on this planet. That I never have to live up to any preconceived expectation, that I never have to be anything that doesn’t come naturally, and that the only thing that matters, is that I actively try to be the best version of myself, for myself, possible.


Dear 20-Something: Even When Your Life Doesn’t Look The Way You Thought It Would, You Have Not Failed

How much grace and gratitude did you have as you packed your bags and bowed your head to a city or a relationship and said: “thank you for teaching me that.”