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7 Ways Subconscious Expectations Are Ruining Your Life

You subscribe to the millennial success standard, which is the “one in a million success story.”


Everything Is Ecstasy Inside: Jack Kerouac On How Our Minds Keep Us From The Bliss Of Reality

“Everything is ecstasy, inside. We just don’t know it because of our thinking-minds.”


You Don’t Have To Walk A Mile In Shoes That Hurt You

It’s just as brave to acknowledge that this path you are walking isn’t for you, that you just don’t want to because it doesn’t feel right.


27 Things I Learned By 27

Those who move through each day with a happy spirit will find that things always work out.


Lawrence Lovasik On How Kindness Makes Life Endurable

The least kind action is greater than the greatest wrong. The smallest kindness can lift a heavy weight.


There Are 4 Different Types Of Empaths, Here’s How To Tell Which You Are

Affective empathy is also known as emotional empathy. It is the capacity to respond to another person’s emotional state.


Healing Is A Daily Habit Or It’s Nothing At All

I didn’t know that to heal, I would have to keep healing every single day. That healing was not really a process of fixing, but realigning with being whole.


13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful

Give up your need to be liked. Think of yourself as a market niche. There will be a lot of people who like that niche, and there will be individuals who don’t.


The Looking Glass Self: What Other People Think Is a Projection of What You Secretly Hope, Fear and Assume

Our “looking glass selves” are not our true selves, they are adaptations of our true selves which serve to make us seem more normalized.


Simplicity The Hardest, But Most Effective, Thing You Can Do For Your Life

Simplicity isn’t easy.


25 Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self Today

You are meant to make mistakes, but you are also meant to learn from them.


How To Stop Being Addicted To Your Problems

You have to make sure you’re more in love with your life than you are with your problems.


10 Traits Of Emotionally Strong People

They do not try to invalidate their feelings by using logic to stop them.


This Video Of The Pure Kindness Within Children Will Remind You Not To Give Up On Humanity Just Yet

A group of kids were set up for a social experiment in which they’d be left by an adult who would drop their wallet on the train platform. The children all reacted the exact same way.


20 Questions: Matt Joseph Diaz

“I think real love is a readjustment of everything you thought you knew. It’s a sharpie marker that goes back into your memories from before you knew this person and scribbles their face in there, because you can’t remember your life before they were in it.”