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The Neurology Of Happiness: How Complaining Is Literally Killing You

“Synapses that fire together wire together.”


14 Writing Prompts That Will Help You Clear Your Subconscious Mind

Write a short story that involves three of your worst fears coming true, but make the protagonist someone who is not you.


Self-Control Isn’t Grit, It’s Habit

Self-control has more to do with programming your body to respond the way you want than it does trying to manipulate it to act against what it wants.


Love And Compatibility Are Not The Same Thing

Love is something you find. Compatibility is something you develop.


What It’s Like To Be An Intuitive Empath In A World That’s Still Asleep

Intuitive-empaths have a huge job right now. We are living in a world that was not made for us, and that’s because we’re here to help build a new one.


Simplicity The Hardest, But Most Effective, Thing You Can Do For Your Life

Simplicity isn’t easy.


20 Questions: Tara Mackey

“Don’t give up. Obstacles and problems are just unsolved lessons in your life. You’re whole and healing. You are enough.”

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You Don’t Control The Outcomes Of Your Life, Principles Do

Small things become big things, always.


Avoiding Negativity Doesn’t Make You More Positive

Inner peace is not the insistence that you can’t tolerate “negative” people, places or situations, it is having the ability to cope with them.


Build Your Life Around The Things You Love Enough To Suffer For

The same as how in trying to avoid pain, you avoid pleasure, because you can’t just pick and choose what you want to feel. You’re either in or out.


This Is How You Start Over

The first thing you notice is how green his eyes are. The second is that you’ve seen him before, and you’ve had the same thought, and your heart skipped a beat last time, too. Old habits.


The Anxiety Trick: Why Confusing Discomfort For Danger Is Ruining Your Life

A person with generalized anxiety gets tricked into trying to figure out where the danger in the “what if” thoughts comes from, rather than just letting them come and go.


Attachment, Detachment And How To Find The Happiness In Both

I’ve recently grown fascinated with the idea that life is meant to be lived free from attachments: to people, to things, to states of being.


The Power Of Negative Thinking

Any idiot can enjoy the positive things in their lives, but it is only a few that can take the negative and find something even more profound.

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How Grieving Opens Us Up To Experiencing Connection Like Never Before

There will forever be a slight pause when I’m talking with someone new and they ask me about where my mom lives, or what my plans are for Mother’s Day. That pause is me mentally deciding how I want to respond.