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When Silence Becomes Muteness: How Coping Mechanisms Can Accidentally Make Us Less Human

Sometimes silence becomes muteness, looking away blindness, not listening deafness, anything taken to the extreme becomes a disorder or disability.


27 Things I Learned By 27

Those who move through each day with a happy spirit will find that things always work out.


We’re All We’ve Got: When You Don’t Have A Place Or A Plan, You Still Need Your People

I will help you find the pieces. I hope that we will help each other find our pieces. I hope that we are still all we have. I hope that we are it.


There Are 4 Different Types Of Empaths, Here’s How To Tell Which You Are

Affective empathy is also known as emotional empathy. It is the capacity to respond to another person’s emotional state.


Self-Control Isn’t Grit, It’s Habit

Self-control has more to do with programming your body to respond the way you want than it does trying to manipulate it to act against what it wants.


25 Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self Today

You are meant to make mistakes, but you are also meant to learn from them.


On What Vulnerability Feels Like, And The Ultimate Paradox Between Wanting To Be Known And Fearing To Be Seen

Oh how we long to be known, yet are suffocated by the labels that negate us. So is the process of freedom for each other, the bravery required to remove the title and rest our need to be seen.


Nathaniel Branden’s 6 Pillars Of Self-Esteem: Why It Is Not How You Feel, But What You Think You’re Capable Of

The two fundamental elements self-esteem boils down to are self-efficacy, which is “a sense of basic confidence in the face of life’s challenges,” and self-respect, “a sense of being worthy of happiness.”


7 Ways To Live A More Magical Life

Your body is a temple – decorate it.


20 Wayne Dyer Philosophies That Will Change The Way You Think About Everything

“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.”


12 Ways To Practice Self-Compassion – Infographic

Intelligence is relative, self-esteem is not.


Why I Can No Longer Ascribe To Tribe Mentality

Tribe mentality is when thoughts and beliefs are insulated and affirmed by the group of people you most commonly associate with.


How To Think For Yourself: An 8 Step Guide

Ask yourself what the outcome would be if everybody in the world thought the way you do.


20 Questions: Bianca Sparacino

Fear, to me, is fuel. Fear is the type of seed a human being should never swallow, because it grows like weeds. I believe that fear should be embraced because it is truly a compass, pushing us towards a life lived outside of boundaries and inhibitions.


The Misperception That “Choosing Happiness” Is To, Literally, Choose A Feeling

Happiness is committing to what you can control. It is doing what you can, with what you have, from where you are.