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You Are The One Keeping Your Toxic Relationships Alive

Like the burning end of a midnight cigarette, we take that last drag as slowly as we can. We do not believe we can catch ourselves, though we always do.


This Is The One Thing That People Who Have Anxiety And Depression Wish You Understood

To imply that someone’s mental issues could be resolved if only they did more yoga, or breathed more deeply, or ate better is insulting. Of course they’ve tried that – it didn’t work.


Love And Compatibility Are Not The Same Thing

Love is something you find. Compatibility is something you develop.


10 Questions To Ask Yourself When You Need To Figure Out What You Really Want

What do I definitely not want?


Your Relationship To Others Is A Mirror To Yourself

Your relationship to others is a mirror to yourself. The concept of desiring the “big, fairytale love” is a projection of how much love you want from yourself.

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3 Things Truly Selfless People Understand

They’re able to disassociate fear from love.


5 Ways To Train Your Brain To Love Unconditionally

Realize that your love is not expendable. If it is real, it is infinite – you can give it forever without getting anything in return, and you will always have enough.


8 Symptoms Of Being Taught To Unlove

You’re more comfortable being lonely. You have a hard time keeping friends. You are obsessive about your strengths.


5 Tips For Making Old Fashioned Love Letters Cool Again

Think about a subject of interest: what do you hope to achieve? How do you want them to feel?


The Very Important Reason Why We Choose To Love People Who Cannot Love Us Back

The purpose of a relationship is not to fix us, or heal us, or to make us whole and happy, it is to show us where we need fixing, and what parts of us are still broken, and perhaps the most brutal of all: that nobody can do this work, or make us happy, but ourselves.

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Watch: Why You Need To Let Go Of Your Ideas About How People Should Love You

When we go into a relationship without any expectations that they’re responsible for making us feel or look or seem a certain way, we can actually experience what they bring with their presence in our lives. That’s what it means to really have love.