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15 Signs You’re Doing What’s Known As “Maladaptive Daydreaming”

You use vivid fantasies of alternative lives as an escape mechanism. They are often conducted while listening to music, and performing some kind of rocking motion. Common places include swings, train rides, cars, running or walking.


Letting The Light In

I wished I could tell her a truth that doesn’t exist. I wished I could say that getting your heart broken gets easier, that as you grow-up you stop feeling insecure or afraid.


The Looking Glass Self: What Other People Think Is a Projection of What You Secretly Hope, Fear and Assume

Our “looking glass selves” are not our true selves, they are adaptations of our true selves which serve to make us seem more normalized.


This Ancient Body Clock Chart Explains Why You’re Waking Up At A Certain Time Each Night

Traditional Chinese medicine instructs that all human beings are sustained by Qi (Chi) or life force energy.


Self-Control Isn’t Grit, It’s Habit

Self-control has more to do with programming your body to respond the way you want than it does trying to manipulate it to act against what it wants.


Simplicity The Hardest, But Most Effective, Thing You Can Do For Your Life

Simplicity isn’t easy.


25 Things I Would Tell My Teenage Self Today

You are meant to make mistakes, but you are also meant to learn from them.


How To Stop Being Addicted To Your Problems

You have to make sure you’re more in love with your life than you are with your problems.


7 Ways To Live A More Magical Life

Your body is a temple – decorate it.


10 Traits Of Emotionally Strong People

They do not try to invalidate their feelings by using logic to stop them.


Why Do We Feel Compelled To ‘Perform’ For Others?

When I stopped trying to perform, or be inspirational, or dazzling or even polished, that’s when I could be. That’s when I actually left people in awe. Because what they really want is to see who you really are.


10 Less Obvious Ways To Reinvent Your Life Next Year

Do less. A lot less. Wanting “more” is almost always a sign you feel you’re incapable of getting, having or keeping what it is you really want.


10 Incredible Facts About The World That Will Make You Feel Less Alone

If you hold up a grain of sand, the patch of sky it covers contains about 10,000 galaxies.


What You Can Learn About Yourself When You Make A List Of What You Want In Someone Else

Make a list of what you want in a partner. In it, you’ll discover an extraordinary amount about yourself.


The Illusion Of Being Stuck: How To Move On In A World That Waits For No One

You can never be stuck because earth keeps turning. Time keeps ticking. Energy keeps living. The universe glimmers on. The world never fails to continue on forward into the future. Don’t keep yourself in quicksand.